Brake Service, Repair and Testing in Foster


When considering brakes you should never leave it to the point that brake repairs are required.

Regular inspection as part of our 65 point vehicle report, which is carried out during all full car services overseen by Foster Tyres and Service Centre, are necessary for making sure your vehicle's braking system is working correctly. Our mechanics can advise you should they suspect that service or repair of the vehicle's braking system is recommended to prevent it becoming a serious issue.

Brake services we carry out at Foster Tyres and Service Centre include:

  • Replace The Brake Pads
  • Brake Fluid Flushing And Replacement
  • Rotor And Drum/Brake Disc Resurfacing or Machining
  • Replacement Of Brake Discs And Drums
  • Replacing Brake Calipers
  • Brake Lines/Hose Replaced
  • Complete Brake Systems Replaced

Get more information about Brake Services from your Repco Authorised Dealer Here.

If you detect any sign that indicates that your vehicle's braking system could be due for servicing book now to get your car's brakes reviewed from our Foster workshop today.




Brake Service By Qualified Mechanic

Brake warning signs to be watchful of:

  • Swerving When Brakes Used
  • Vibration Whilst braking
  • Sticky Brake Pedal
  • Brakes Make Excessive Noise
  • Swerving When Brakes Used
  • Vibration Whilst braking
  • Brake Light Illuminates
  • Spongy Feeling In Brake Pedal
  • Altered Stopping Distance
  • Hard Brake pedal

To discover more with regard to these warning signs and the possible causes visit 5 Warning Signs your Brakes need servicing

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